Take Me Home!

It's not every day that you find that PERFECT lawn chair.
Could you be that PERFECT home?  Come see us....


Just a Little Something We Picked-up

What a great find!  We found this little gem in Rising Star, TX hidden away in the back garage.  One look at it and we knew we had found something special.  Turns out, it's an 1850's Murphy traveler's trunk in its original decor.  The colors are gorgeous.  To clean it, all it took was a little Murphy's Oil Soap and water to wipe away the dust.  Gorgeous! We found a sweet photo of a possible owner inside of this beauty.  (What a classy dame she must have been.) And it comes with the trunk.  And it could be yours.  :)


We've Got The Blues

We can't help it!  Many of us "Kates" love to work with the color blue.  You're sure to spot this awesome color at the show, however, we must warn you, fun finds won't last forever.  As we're working away to prepare for Weekend at Kate's, we hope you'll understand that this isn't your average arts and antiques show.  We'll be loading the house and porches with some great stuff and the yard will be filled with vendors sure to catch your eye.  There's plenty of fun to go around!  Make sure you get here!

A little coat of paint and great eye for color makes all the difference.


It's Fall -- Let's Get This Show on the Road!

With all of the extreme heat we've experienced this summer, aren't we all thrilled that fall has finally arrived!  At Kate's, we're doing everything we can to make sure you feel "fallish".  We hope it will inspire you to shop, create and slow down to enjoy your time with us. Keep your eyes posted here for more information about the show.  Oh!  And did we mention door prizes?  This is going to be a weekend to remember.  Blessings!

Fall is in the air and in display.  Will you be here to experience it? 


We Do the Hard Work...

Ok. So we enjoy doing the "hard" work. What can we say? All this picking makes us grin. We're working hard to put on a great show for our soon-to-be guests. Fall is in the air. Although the frost isn't on the pumpkins just yet, we can tell that folks are getting excited to get out and shop for that one cool piece that they can't live without. Well, maybe you could "live" without it, but we don't want you to. Consider it "Kate" intervention. :) See you at the show!

Getting the porch ready for Weekend at Kate's -- Nov 4th and 5th, 2011


A Uniquely Curious Arts and Antique Show Weatherford, TX

A few years ago, a handful of friends realized their curious eye for fun finds. Some had an eye for collectibles while others enjoyed turning salvaged finds into unique items for the home and garden. Weekend @ Kate's was created to share our love for these salvaged curiosities (and clear our storage for more) to create an event that would unite similar "collectors" and artists. In an unusual setting at a 1905 farmhouse in Weatherford, you'll have the opportunity to find that perfect "something" you never knew you needed.

First of it's kind arts and antique show in Weatherford!