About Kate

Kate is an adventure seeker of the most curious kind!  She never misses an opportunity to explore the deepest corners where treasures hide.  She takes the road less traveled and almost always discovers something along the way.  There are no strangers in her path.  She makes a habit of seeking out the most interesting characters who share her love for these salvaged curiosities.  And she invites other to share in their experiences--those who also love putting their treasures out for others to enjoy.

In short, Kate does the hard work so you can enjoy the shopping.  She's the friend next door with the extra storage building in the back; the hunter and the gatherer; and more than likely, has an understanding husband and/or friend that works with her in the shop outback.

So come by and meet Kate.  She'll be waiting for you!

(Are you a Kate? If so, click on the VENDOR page and get your booth reserved.  It's going to be a great show.)